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Strayer Saylors & Associates, Inc.

Our Team

Brian J. Saylors, CPA

Brian is the managing partner of the firm and has more than 20 years experience in the tax and accounting field.  Brian started his experience with one of the largest accounting firms and has been a part of our firm since the year 2000.  He brings the expertise needed for dealing with IRS by preparing taxes and representing clients with personal, corporate, partnership and trust and estate tax issues.


Michael J. Rudometkin, EA

Mike has more than 30 years of tax experience in the tax and accounting field.  Mike brings various years experience not only in accounting and tax preparation, but also is representing clients before the IRS.  As an EA, Mike is authorized to be a direct representative before the IRS on any issue and has demonstrated his expertise by being able to contest when the IRS is charging the clients unnecessarily.


Kim I. Ellerbe, RTP

Kim has been with our firm since 1999, working originally with data input and processing to being a Registered Tax Preparer (RTP).  As a RTP, Kim has developed an expertise with individual taxes and working with clients to gain a greater understanding on their tax position and finding opportunities to take advantage of the tax law to minimize taxes for her clients.  Her warm personality and ability to communicate with the clients makes her a valuable advocate and will make the tax experience much more understandable and successful.



James C. Young, RTP

Jim has been with our firm for the last 7 years preparing taxes and consulting our clients on tax and business related issues.  As a Registered Tax Preparer (RTP), Jim brings his significant experience in running multiple small businesses to his tax clients.  Jim has had many opportunities to help take advantage of the most current changes in the tax law and strategies to avoid the tax pitfalls for the future years.


Yolanda M. Ontiveros, RTP

Yolanda has been with the firm 1996, working with mainly bookkeeping and accounting for business clients to also becoming a Registered Tax Preparer (RTP).  Yolanda has been preparing taxes for the past 10 years and brings the expertise required to assist clients in maximizing the money they have by working hard to prevent payment of any unnecessary taxes to the federal or state governments.  She has a quiet demeanor which allows her to listen and understand the clients concerns and apply them to arrive at the tax strategy that allows the clients to achieve their financial goals.


Dahlya McDonald, Senior Accountant

Dahlya joined our team in the beginning of 2012 and brings with her the technical experience to work with not only the accounting and bookkeeping support.  Her ability to discuss process improvements and establish better internal reporting has benefited all of the clients she works with.  As an accounting professional, Dahlya demonstrates the capability and understanding brought on by higher levels of training and education.  Dahlya is also an Registered Tax Preparer (RTP) and provides tax services as well.


Melissa Gomez, Sales

Melissa joined our team the beginning of 2012 and has been able to present to prospective clients the services we provide using her kind personality and communication skills.  Melissa brings a great deal of experience and organizational skills with her.  Melissa is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.  She can provide any needed information on the spot to help the businesses to get the services they need to more efficiently run there businesses.


Bina Amin, Client Service Representative

Bina has been with our firm since 2001 and is skilled in providing accounting and bookkeeping support for our clients.  Bina has significant accounting experience and uses her experience to ensure that the clients reporting achieves the objective of giving these businesses the information needed for making management decisions for the present and the future of each business.


Marina Klaparda, Client Service Representative

Marina has been with our firm since 2001 and has worked in various businesses in preparing accounting and bookkeeping for each business.  Her ability to work and include clear and concise financial information that each business needs.  Marina is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish to allow the client to feel at ease with their native Spanish language.  Marina makes sure that each of her clients are up to date with all relevant accounting and tax rules and won’t allow them to miss any deadlines.



Debbie Martinez, Financial Service Representative

Debbie has been with our firm since 2009 and has vast experience in tax, accounting and customer service.  Debbie is an all around resource for the management of both or our offices.  She directs all operations to ensure they run smoothly and is always following up with each of our staff to ensure that the flow of information is occurring smoothly and without anything getting lost.  Debbie is well versed in handling questions regarding individual taxes and any other tax filings that need to be processed or filed.  Thanks to Debbie, the overall operations of the firm move on without a glitch.