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How is your record keeping? Do you have an accounting system in place or are you the type that waits until the end of the year in order to organize your profit and loss statements? Strayer Saylors & Associates can help you with your bookkeeping needs by reconciling your business records every month or training your staff on how to do it.


As Strayer Saylors & Associates, we can help you set up your payroll so that you can focus on running your business. All you need to do is approve the rates and hours. Leave the rest to us. The federal and state withholding calculations(employer vs employee taxes) are all caculated by our staff of payroll professionals.

Also learn more about the following forms:

• 1099 vs W-2 employee
• W-9 vs W-4
• 941 vs DE9


Retail vs Wholesale: does your business need a resellers permit? Do you need to file Sales & Use tax returns with the CA Board of Equalization? We can determine whether you need to have a permit and file all the required forms on your behalf.


Interested in incorporating your business? Learn more about the types of corporations and the benefits each provides, including:

• C Corporation
• S Corpotation


Are you in need of filing past due business tax returns? At Strayer Saylors & Associates, we can help you become compliant by filing your business returns up to 3 years old (or more, if needed), federal and state, including the following forms:

• 1040 Schedule C
• 1120S
• 1120
• 1065


New IRS regulations require non-profit organizations to file tax returns every year regardless of its annual gross receipts. If an exempt organization has not filed for 3 consecutive years, the IRS may revoke its exempt status. At Strayer Saylors & Associates, you can learn more of how to prevent this from happening to your non-profit.